According to an article published in the Rochester Business Journal, one of the critical challenges employers face is how to successfully integrate new workers. Good talent is hard to find, hard to retain, and expensive. If the objective is to ensure new employees feel welcome, prepared and ready to make a positive impact as soon as possible, conventional approaches to employee orientation – filling out forms and giving a quick tour of the facility – may fall woefully short.

“Onboarding” is a more all-encompassing process that extends from the initial job offer to the point where the employee becomes a productive contributor to the company. It includes orientation, training, feedback and follow-up. The process can last up to a year, depending on the employee and the position.

A well-executed onboarding program gets employees engaged early, raises retention and improves productivity. Industry studies show that a significant amount of staff turnover – as high as 20 percent – typically occurs in the first 45 days of employment.  Studies also show that employees who go through onboarding programs are much more likely to stay with the organization after three years.

When bringing on a new hire, a company has one chance to make a favorable impression. A company with a structured, well-executed onboarding program creates the impression it is well run and values its employees, whereas a company without a program, or with a poorly executed one, comes across as disorganized and indifferent to employee success.

The critical first step to onboarding is where imprinted products can come into play.  A welcome packet with a signed letter from the manager or even the CEO, an orientation schedule, and one or two company giveways – coffee mug, quality writing instrument, USB with orientation/benefits information, even an embroidered cap or lunch tote are all ideas worth considering.  This small effort makes the new employee feel welcome and appreciated – before day one even begins.

Norwood & BIC Graphic have lots of great ideas for employee welcome packets.  In fact, we just recently re-designed our own internal welcome packets and understand how important recruiting and retaining good talent is.

Let us help you put together a presentation or brainstorm ideas for an existing or potential new customer!

~Margit Fawbush

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