Home Décor Trends in Promo

More people than ever are taking an interest in the aesthetics of home décor, thanks to the presence of social media platforms that provide endless inspiration. From fabrics to furniture, fixtures and fittings; home décor trends are influencing people’s preferences everywhere heading into 2020. Here are some of the fastest growing home décor trends, and … Continue reading Home Décor Trends in Promo

The Problem with Plastic: Getting Ready for Single-Use Bag Bans

It’s no surprise that in March of next year, New York is joining California and Hawaii in banning single-use plastic bags state-wide. These store and supermarket staples are estimated to have only a 12-minute lifespan from first use to being discarded. However, some of these bags take 10 to 1,000 years to decompose, and shoppers … Continue reading The Problem with Plastic: Getting Ready for Single-Use Bag Bans

Insulation 101: Koozie® Kooler Bags

Koozie® kooler bags are synonymous with summertime cook-outs, tailgate parties, campsites and everywhere else people gather to have fun. Just like with our famous can koolers; the Koozie® brand takes insulating your beverages and snacks seriously so you can keep the good times going. We pride ourselves on being insulation experts and want to share … Continue reading Insulation 101: Koozie® Kooler Bags

Ring Up More Sales to the Retail Vertical Market

Retail sales in the U.S. hit a record $6 trillion in 2018, which is a significant increase from 2009’s record low of $4.06 trillion just 10 years ago. This is good news for the promo industry (and most other industries) because retail sales are an indicator of trends in consumer spending, which drives nearly 70% … Continue reading Ring Up More Sales to the Retail Vertical Market

How to Relax and Grow Sales this Summer

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy time with friends and family while relaxing in the sunshine. Taking some time to unwind is not only good for mental and physical health but can also help people return to work more productive and effective. (1) Promotional products that enhance summer leisure activities can help people relax … Continue reading How to Relax and Grow Sales this Summer

What’s New this Month? April 2019

BIC Graphic is pleased to announce over 45 new products across six categories launching in April!  Here are some of our favorite new items: Writing Instruments The Souvenir® story continues with the modern pop styling of the #55983 Souvenir® Fuse Pen. The unique grip, white barrel, chrome accents and a branded Souvenir® band near the plunger … Continue reading What’s New this Month? April 2019

Brands for Life Proof Promotions

No matter who you talk to nowadays, it seems everyone has more to do and is always on-the-go. After working indoors and behind computer screens all week, people want their off time to be filled with fun and adventure. Research continues to show that time spent outside and enjoying the natural world even has numerous … Continue reading Brands for Life Proof Promotions


Why Clients Love Eco-Friendly Brands

Younger consumers are spending more overall than previous generations  and emerging patterns show they favor sustainable brands. According to Nielsen's 2015 Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of consumers say they will spend more on a product if it came from a sustainable brand, and when it comes to Millennials that number can be has high … Continue reading Why Clients Love Eco-Friendly Brands

2019 Trade Show Takeaways

Every year the BIC Graphic NA team looks forward to the January tradeshows for the opportunity to connect with our customers and showcase our latest products. In addition, walking the shows to see all the new items that are debuting in the promo space is inspiring and informative. So, from retail influences to light-up tech … Continue reading 2019 Trade Show Takeaways


Business Services = Business Growth

Running a service-based B2B business requires a different approach than marketing a product, even though people are always looking for reputable and reliable services. Connecting with clients and staying top-of-mind are crucial to continued success as a business services provider. (1) So, what exactly are business services? According to D&B Hoovers, (2) companies in this … Continue reading Business Services = Business Growth