Why Clients Love Eco-Friendly Brands

Younger consumers are spending more overall than previous generations  and emerging patterns show they favor sustainable brands. According to Nielsen's 2015 Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of consumers say they will spend more on a product if it came from a sustainable brand, and when it comes to Millennials that number can be has high … Continue reading Why Clients Love Eco-Friendly Brands

2019 Trade Show Takeaways

Every year the BIC Graphic NA team looks forward to the January tradeshows for the opportunity to connect with our customers and showcase our latest products. In addition, walking the shows to see all the new items that are debuting in the promo space is inspiring and informative. So, from retail influences to light-up tech … Continue reading 2019 Trade Show Takeaways


Business Services = Business Growth

Running a service-based B2B business requires a different approach than marketing a product, even though people are always looking for reputable and reliable services. Connecting with clients and staying top-of-mind are crucial to continued success as a business services provider. (1) So, what exactly are business services? According to D&B Hoovers, (2) companies in this … Continue reading Business Services = Business Growth

Living Coral Energizes 2019

2019 Color of the Year In celebration of carefree happiness, Living Coral has been named the 2019 color of the year! This peaceful hue is vibrant, yet mellow. Above all, a color that embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort in our continually shifting environment. (1) This 2019 color of the year selection … Continue reading Living Coral Energizes 2019

What’s New This YEAR? 2019

Here at BIC Graphic NA we are excited about what’s to come in 2019 and providing distributors the latest promotional product solutions that end users will love. As an industry-leading supplier we will continue to focus on innovation in new product development, marketing materials and customer experience enhancements in the year to come. Marketing Materials … Continue reading What’s New This YEAR? 2019

The Shift to Spirituality and Promo Impacts

The Religion vertical market is a top purchaser of promotional products, but things in that sector may be changing. Over a quarter of US adults now identify as spiritual but not religious, an increase of eight percentage points over five years. [1] The common tie between people who identify as spiritual is that their definition … Continue reading The Shift to Spirituality and Promo Impacts

Sales Inspiration for the Religion Vertical Market

There are 316,532 religious congregations in the US working to spread their message, and promotional products can help these groups reach and influence people in their communities. [1] The majority of people who receive a promo item are more likely to have a favorable impression of the organization who gave it to them, creating ambassadors … Continue reading Sales Inspiration for the Religion Vertical Market

Product Safety Assurance and Brands

Using a Supplier with high product safety standards is one way to ensure items for your clients are aligned with their values. BIC Graphic NA is an industry leader in complying with product safety and regulation standards that we stand behind so you can feel confident. In the promotional products industry, there is growing pressure … Continue reading Product Safety Assurance and Brands

Get Ready for 2019 in 5 Steps

Year-end planning may feel stressful as you organize business/tax planning, budgeting, and future strategy during the last few months of the year. Establishing a vision for your business can alleviate worry and guide the direction for your future. Here is our checklist to help close out 2018 and decide where you want to go next. … Continue reading Get Ready for 2019 in 5 Steps

What’s New This Month? November 2018

BIC Graphic NA is pleased to announce over 50 new products across six categories launching in November 2018!  Here are some of our favorite new items: Drinkware Keep your beverage at the right temperature longer with the #46217 Matt Tumbler – 18 oz. The double-wall insulation means this tumbler is sweat-resistant and ready to go … Continue reading What’s New This Month? November 2018