Tech Trends to Watch from CES 2019

CES is more than just your average techie trade show. It is the world’s gathering place for everyone who is interested in the business of technology. Every year CES brings the global technology industry together with leaders from other business sectors in Las Vegas to explore the latest trends and innovations. (1) Here are insights … Continue reading Tech Trends to Watch from CES 2019

2019 Trade Show Takeaways

Every year the BIC Graphic NA team looks forward to the January tradeshows for the opportunity to connect with our customers and showcase our latest products. In addition, walking the shows to see all the new items that are debuting in the promo space is inspiring and informative. So, from retail influences to light-up tech … Continue reading 2019 Trade Show Takeaways

How to be a Promo Powerhouse

As a distributor, you know the benefits of using promotional products to market a business. In fact, 85% of promo recipients recall the advertiser and promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising. (1) In addition to providing effective promotional items for your clients, sharing your creative expertise can help you become a … Continue reading How to be a Promo Powerhouse


Business Services = Business Growth

Running a service-based B2B business requires a different approach than marketing a product, even though people are always looking for reputable and reliable services. Connecting with clients and staying top-of-mind are crucial to continued success as a business services provider. (1) So, what exactly are business services? According to D&B Hoovers, (2) companies in this … Continue reading Business Services = Business Growth

On-Trend Winter 2019

With the start of a new year, it’s time to take a look at emerging trends in the promotional products industry. Staying on top of what’s fresh and exciting keeps your business top-of-mind and could help you gain a competitive advantage. If your clients are looking for the “next big thing”, take a look at … Continue reading On-Trend Winter 2019

Watch Travel and Hospitality Sales Take Off

Businesses focused on hospitality rely on promotional items to help make a positive impression and reinforce their brand identity. Travel companies tend to purchase promotional products year-round with a median order size over $1,000 so this is a potentially lucrative sector for your business. [1] Staying up-to-date on the latest hospitality trends is a great … Continue reading Watch Travel and Hospitality Sales Take Off

Product Safety Assurance and Brands

Using a Supplier with high product safety standards is one way to ensure items for your clients are aligned with their values. BIC Graphic NA is an industry leader in complying with product safety and regulation standards that we stand behind so you can feel confident. In the promotional products industry, there is growing pressure … Continue reading Product Safety Assurance and Brands

Resolve to Make 2019 a Great Year

Approximately 41% of people make New Year’s resolutions to help kick of the year with life improvements. However, only 9.2% of those people successfully follow through to make the change. (1) Luckily, promotional items and campaigns can be a useful tool to help people commit to their resolutions and achieve their goals. Be Organized Many … Continue reading Resolve to Make 2019 a Great Year

Celebrate the New Year with New Sales

New Year’s Eve is one of America’s favorite holidays, and 92% of US adults celebrate the occasion every year. (1) With cities, businesses and individuals planning celebrations that will be attended by hundreds of thousands of revelers there is plenty of opportunity for promo to add to the party. One of the biggest party nights … Continue reading Celebrate the New Year with New Sales

What’s New This Month? July 2018

BIC Graphic NA is pleased to announce over 55 new products across nine categories launching in July 2018!  Here are some of our favorite new items:  Writing Instruments Just in time for back to school, the #55882 Spinner Highlighter is sure to be the highlight of your day! This useful tri-hand spinner has green, yellow … Continue reading What’s New This Month? July 2018