Need some ideas for your customer's next promotion?

Norwood's Health, Wellness & Safety product category offers a wide variety of useful, much-appreciated products that will reinforce brand recall simply due to the frequency with which they are used.  Everyday necessities such as pill dispensers, hand cleaners, lip balm, and lotions are not only affordable alternatives in today's challenging economy, but they build goodwill with their inherently practical nature.

New for 2009, Norwood has launched a line of informational guides that come in a variety of formats  – from coloring books to 36-page pocket guides.  They cover a number of relevant topics ranging from diet & nutrition to a variety of health conditions and safety concerns such as preventing identity theft.  Not only appropriate for the healthcare industry, these info guides are ideal for non-profits, educational institutions, human resources, etc.  Each can be imprinted with a logo and contact information and even the content can be customized to suit your customer's needs.  Again, an item with a long shelf life that will prove useful for the recipient.

Click here for a link to our Health, Wellness & Safety product line – featuring 130 NEW items for 2009!


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