Everyone is looking for ways to make their dollar stretch a little further – or they are cutting back on certain “nice-to-haves” in order to afford the “need-to-haves.”  Why not show some empathy during these challenging economic times?  And why not build brand loyalty while you’re at it?


By understanding the new needs your customers are facing, you can help them build brand loyalty in these tough times by offering promotional solutions that are practical, budget conscious and money-saving.


Norwood offers a broad selection of items that are practical at home or as part of the recipient’s daily routine.  Here are a few items that will show your brand is aware – fully conscious – of today’s economic challenges and anxiety.

On the road or at work:

How much are people saving each week by "brown-bagging it?"  Help them do it in style with these unique and handy lunch-time items.


#45479 Lunch Sack Gift Set (includes both a Koozie(R) Lunch Sack and a 16 oz. Roller Tumbler.  This gift set comes in a number of colors to work with any logo.  Everyone will appreciate this thoughtful gift.





Norwood's Salad-to-Go (#45642) is another great idea for people who want to eat healthy and reduce expenses while they are on the go.  A 4-cup salad bowl with freezable gel tray that keeps your salad fresh and your toppings and dressing cold.  The domed cover has locking tabs to keep the lid secure.


In the home:

Who isn’t looking for ways to save on household expenses like utilities?  Offer your customers tips on conserving energy – which not only does the planet, but also your wallet, some good.


#20647 Key Point:  Conserving Energy

#40397 Basic First Aid Kit


Everyone needs a bandage now and then – or some pain relievers.  But rarely is anyone prepared for when that DIY project goes wrong or a child scrapes a knee.  Give your customer a gift that keeps on giving – a 54 piece first aid kit.  This kit is essential for any home, school, or office.


Beat stress with a healthy lifestyle:

Everyone knows that exercise is a great way to combat stress, but a lot of people are giving up pricey gym memberships.  Offer them ways to workout at home or on their own.  Great for new moms and busy executives.


Take a look at our Exercise Mat (#45341) – great for yoga, Pilates, or basic stretching.  This textured, non-slip mat rolls up into a carry bag.  Available in several colors, this is a stylish way to show off your logo.


Walking is a great, low impact way to stay in shape.  This Pedometer (#40414) is perfect for those wanting to track their workouts.


The perfect compliment to the pedometer – a helpful guide:


#20704  Pocket Slider:  Walking for your Health

Learn about walking shows, proper techniques, safety, plus tips on walking tours, hiking and trails.


Save Money – Plan your grocery shopping:

Making a list and sticking to it keeps impulse buying in check.  It also ensures one efficient shopping trip – rather than several throughout the week (a waste of time, gas and money).


Keep track of what you need with our Grocery Shopper Notebook (#8229).  A great advertising value for grocery stores and supermarkets, it even has 2 pockets for coupons.



Save the planet from plastic bags – our Eco-Friendly Reusable Bag Set is really handy to keep in your car for those shopping trips.  The set includes three bags that easily roll up into a small carrying case.  Part of Norwood’s goingreenTM line of eco-friendly products.


#45749  Eco-Friendly Reusable Bag Set

Keep these items in mind as you develop promotions for your customers.  They are looking for ways to connect with customers who are bombarded daily with bad news.  Help them generate brand loyalty and build brand recall with practical items they’ll appreciate and use every day.


-Margit Fawbush

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