On August 14, 2008, the President signed into law a new set of standards primarily for Children’s Products. This new federal law is called the “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008” (“CPSIA” aka “H.R. 4040”). A Children’s Product under the CPSIA is a consumer product that is designed or intended primarily for use by children 12 and under. Norwood has again demonstrated its commitment to product safety by having retained one of the nation’s foremost expert consulting firms to help ensure that all of its applicable products are compliant with the CPSIA. Norwood currently carries 49 Children’s Products in its 2009 product catalogs.


The CPSIA requires all importers and US manufacturers to conduct regular testing of
each Children’s Product and, based on those tests, to make available to government agencies,
customers, and distributors a Certificate of Compliance confirming that the Children’s Product
complies with all applicable standards in the CPSIA. The CPSIA also requires importers and US
manufacturers to provide General Conformity Certificates for non-Children’s Products to the
extent they are subject to certain other regulations such as Flammability of Solids standards.
Norwood has added a page on www.norwood.com called "CPSIA" where these Certificates of Compliance and General Conformity Certificates can be found.

Norwood is and will remain in compliance with this new law in all respects. Although the
Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a stay of enforcement with respect to most of the
testing and certification requirements of the CPSIA, Norwood will continue to test and certify as
if the stay had not been issued. All promotional product companies should regularly test their
products for compliance with CPSIA standards and all other safety requirements and make
Certificates of Compliance and General Conformity Certificates available to distributors and their
customers.  Norwood has demonstrated a real commitment to product safety and quality by also
launching Safety SearchTM.  Safety SearchTM is the industry’s first online resource for product
safety test reporting. These reports are exclusive to Norwood, offering only our registered
distributors access to this information. No other supplier currently offers this level of product
safety information to their customers.

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