Indianapolis, Indiana (May 11, 2009) – After Wednesday's announcement of Norwood's agreement to sell to Aurora Resurgence, the company received a tremendous amount of support and well wishes from customers.

"Our first priority was to explain what this announcement means to our associates and to answer all of their questions," said Paul Lage, President & CEO.  "We held meetings first thing Wednesday morning then immediately proceeded to notify distributors."

Timely communications to our customers and employees has resulted in an overwhelming number of positive responses.

"Our distributors have been very supportive," said Lage.  "Our largest distributors have already communicated the facts of this sale to their teams and that Norwood will continue to do business as usual and will remain a strong partner moving forward."

In a special edition of his internal newsletter to Geiger Sales Partners, Gene Geiger said, "This filing will not harm you, your customers, or us.  It is business as usual as far as we and you are concerned."

Norwood acknowledged that the term "bankruptcy" has a negative connotation and is surrounded by fear and doubt.  "It has been inspiring to see the support from our friends and partners," Lage said.  "We won't let you down and we will remember all of the people that supported us through this process – that is a promise!"

Norwood would like to thank Geiger, Ha-Lo, AIA, Vernon, iPROMOTEu, Workflow One, Legacy Group, Zebra Marketing, JB of Flordia, Inc., 4Imprint, Evigna, Mango Bay Promotions, Mary Tyrrell Specialties, Visions Marketing Group,, and many others for their support.

-Margit Fawbush

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