USBs come in lots of different styles, capacities and brands.  What do you need to know to help your customer select the best one for their promotional program?

USB Drives go by many different names – Jump drives, Junk drives, Flash drives, Pen drives, Thumb drives, Memory keys, and the list goes on…  A USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive is a portable external storage device.  These drives are gaining in popularity and use for their practical portability – and the fact that you can re-write over them.  All flash drives are good for a limited number of write-erase cycles, but in standard consumer jump drives, the device itself will probably wear out before the internal storage chips do.  These practical little items make for a great long-term reminder of your customers brand.

Flash drives come in a number of different storage capacities, the most common being 512MB, 2, 4, 8 and 16GB.  Price increases as capacity increases, of course.  512MB and 2GB drives are excellent when presenting clients with a PDF of a presentation or digital catalog.  They can make for a memorable "leave-behind" after a meeting.  Drives with larger storage capacities such as 8 and 16GB, are an excellent gift idea with a highly-perceived value and long-term usage potential.

Norwood is now offering new styles and lower prices in our selection of USBs.  From unique bamboo casings to folding drives to bright corporate colors, we have a "Junp drive" for every promotional purpose.

~Margit Fawbush

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