This year, don't let your customers' holiday ad dollars end up in the recycling bin by New Year's.  Send Season's Greetings with a FREE insert sheet added to a Triumph appointment calendar. 

Each order comes with 5 FREE insert sheets total.  Here are a few ideas for the rest…

– Coupons are a great way to build repeat business or drive trial

– Create a 16 month calendar rather than just 12 months (go ahead – be an overachiever!)

– Send a company letter without a seasonal theme

– Include educational information about the product or service you are marketing

– Feature color photography or illustrations

Click here for full details and even more ideas on what to do with your FREE calendar insert pages!

Contact Norwood or your Calendar representative for help or to place an order.

~Margit Fawbush

One thought on “Include Season’s Greetings in Annual Calendar Orders – Free from Norwood Triumph

  1. Norwood has done a wonderful job with products this year and you’ve got the stock to back it up. We’ve enjoyed great growth with Norwood this year. The one thing we do need is to see inventory live online at some point in the near future. Otherwise great to see the blog going as well.

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