We are seeing some clear winners in gift giving trends for the 2010 holiday season.  Here are 2…check back next week for more!

1)  Gadgets and gadget accessories are HOT!

    As the mobile technology sector grows, so will the need for accessories to support their use.  Bluetooth Earpieces, Wireless Mice, Solar Chargers and Compact Keyboards all make staying on the road easier and more efficient.  Individually, these items make nice giveaways, but put them together in a kit, like the Techie Computer Accessory Kit and you've got a real winner.  These are all great ideas for company stores, sales incentives, client gifts and even employee recognition programs.

2)  Do you have a Germaphobe on your list?

    These days, everyone is more aware than ever of minimizing the transmission of colds and the flu.  Give people peace of mind by offering travel-sized hand cleaners that both smell good and are effective.  From single use Pocket Packs to 2 oz Instant Hand Cleaners, we have something for every budget.  We even offer Flu Kits made up of gloves, a mask and single use packets of hand cleaner – perfect for teachers, daycare workers, nurses.

Visit www.norwood.com and check out our technology and personal care categories of promotional products.  And for even more ideas – check out our Seasonal Promotions iCatalog!

We can help you capitalize on 2 of the biggest trends in gift giving for the 2010 Holiday Season.  More Holiday Gift Giving trends to come next week!

~Margit Fawbush

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