Norwood & BIC Gaphic North America are pleased to announce Cycle One promotions are out and will be in effect through April 30, 2011!  A comprehensive promotions packet mailed along with 2011 catalogs in mid-December.  Distributors will find updated and refreshed formats and content — reflective of Norwood and BIC Graphic's refocused and aggressive dual brand strategy.  The mailing includes an assortment of distributor reference materials as well as very exciting promotions for both brands.  Distributors will receive the following materials in addition to our catalogs:

Distributor Reference Materials:   

  • Product Reference Guide — easily directs distributors to where to find each product line
  • Distributor Reference Guide — includes contact info, how to order, information regarding BIC's 24-Hour Service or its FREE, the BIC Advantage, the Norwood Edge, terrific discounts on self-promo orders, sales kit order forms and much more
  • Norwood New Products Brochure — over 140 new products!
  • BIC Graphic New Products Brochure — 10 new products and several new color options!
  • Norwood It's All About You Guide — for Distributors ONLY — filled with special self-promos, product ideas for upcoming events, and more!         
  • BIC Graphic It's All About You Guide — for Distributors ONLY — featuring the BIC(R) Round Stic Anniversary offers, special self-promos, and more!

Promotional Materials:

  • Norwood C1 Promotional Flyer — format updated for 2011 to include 65 items on aggressive promotion — all proven best sellers representing all product categories
  • BIC Graphic C1 Promotional Flyer — focused on core products such as writing instruments, Sticky Notes(TM), BIC(R) Magnets, BIC(R) Mouse Pads and BIC(R) Lighters, and featuring a BIC Round Stic 30th Anniversary offer       

"Norwood & BIC Graphic North America is committed to making it easy and profitable for distributors to do business with us," said Quenten Wentworth, VP & GM.  "The catalogs and reference tools will help guide our customers through our new structure to ensure they quickly find what they are looking for and easily take advantage of terrific savings and promotions."

For further details on C1 promotions, call your Norwood or BIC Graphic representative, or visit us at or to access promotions and reference materials online.              

~Margit Fawbush                                                                   

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