Held on April 27, 2011, Promotional Products Day brought eight suppliers to the statehouse.  Each supplier put up a small trade show booth and spent the day interacting with senators and representatives, their aides and staff, and other lobbyists.  It was our chance to show them what the promotional products industry is all about.

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The event was organized by PPAF and GCPPA and inspired by Wayne Greenberg, MAS, President of JB of Florida and PPAF secretary.  Two of NBGNA's sales representatives, Richard Cordaro and Alissa Succi, attended the event.  

In Florida, the promotional product industry represents 22,000 jobs and a tax revenue of $377 million.  "Most people we spoke to did not know Norwood & BIC Graphic was in Clearwater and were surprised we manufactured product and employed 650 people," said Alissa.  "The overall feeling was very positive and they were pleased we were stimulating Florida's and the nation's economy."

~Margit Fawbush

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