Norwood & BIC Graphic North America is pleased to announce Cycle 3 promotions are out and will be in effect through December 31, 2011.  We are unveiling SIMPLE & PROFITABLE Cycle 3 Promotions to finish the year strong! In order to best serve distributors with compelling offers, we recently conducted an online survey and asked for views on cycle flyer offers, formats and order details. Distributors asked for it and here it is…Cycle 3 flyers LOADED with “A” DISCOUNT CODES, offering 50% PROFIT on 34 items from Norwood and BIC!  Plus, deep discounts on best sellers across all product categories.

BIC Graphic Flyer:

  • Popular Sheaffer® gifts, BIC® Writing Instruments and Lighters, even the best selling BIC® Round Stic® and BIC® Clic Stic®, all offered at EQP on an “A” Discount Code – something we’ve never offered before!
  • 5 NEW Limited Edition Fall & Winter Colors for BIC® Round Stic® – a trendy, crisp palette.
  • Special offers on gift pens from BIC Select™, lower than EQP on an “A” Discount Code.
  • Best selling BIC® Sticky Note™, BIC® Magnets and BIC® Mouse Pads, now lower than EQP on an “A” Discount Code.

Norwood Flyer:

  • Shop easier in Cycle 3 with items organized by price point, product category and promotional usage – from seasonal sports and outdoor activities to health & wellness and tradeshow favorites…Norwood has you covered!
  • 9 Norwood Writing Instruments offered at EQP on an “A” Discount Code to maximize distributor profits! Some of the lowest prices offered all year!
  • FREE Set-ups on Cycle 3 Bags, in addition to EQP discounts on best sellers across all categories.
  • Tee Off with Norwood and Nike® Golf Promotions! The Nike® One 20XI-S Spin and 20XI-X Distance golf balls are now available with free personalization upon request. Also, get 25% off Nike® One Vapor Speed golf balls and 15% off Nike® Crush balls. Exclusive to Norwood, customers will also enjoy 5% off the entire Nike® Departure Collection of Bags.

 “The Cycle 3 promotions are all about simplicity and profitability with great offers that put money back in the distributor’s pocket,” said Lori Bauer, Director of Trade Marketing for Norwood & BIC Graphic North America.  “Our goal is to make it easy and more profitable for distributors to do business with us.  We’re pushing the boundaries, offering aggressive promotions exclusive to Norwood and BIC Graphic, all with distributor profit in mind.”


~Margit Fawbush



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