Go beyond the typical promotional product – offer educational information that is appreciated by a wide variety of target audiences.  Norwood partners with Better Life Line to offer you a broad spectrum of info guides, booklets and coloring books.  All imprintable with your customer's brand message.  

  • Health stores and fitness clubs are obvious customers for exercise and fitness products.  Other business SPONSORING cause-related or fitness-related events are also a perfect buyer of info guides.
  • Cross-sell with complimentary products to enlarge your orders – for example, a Healthy Eating topic co-packed with a lunch cooler or salad container for back to school or employee wellness iniatives.
  • Easy and inexpensive to mail – many of the educational guides fit in a #10 envelope – perfect for bill stuffers and high quantity mailings.
  • More prospective target markets:

Contact your NBGNA representative for more information, or review our entire offering of Better Life Line Informational Guides here.

~Margit Fawbush


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