Norwood & BIC Graphic North America is pleased to announce the first ever order of britePix™ products by Norwood. Currently available on over 300 Norwood products, the britePix™ innovation offers distributors an entirely new solution – bringing brand messages to life.

The first order, a 5-color logo imprint on Norwood’s Eco Non Woven Tote, came from Lisa Cook of SWAG|Blue Moon, a Safeguard distributor located in Nevada. “I was pleased to come across thLisaCook_eBayMotors smalle britePix™ full-color solution in the 2013 Norwood catalog. A customer,             eBay® Motors, just went through their rebrand and the new 5-color logo has been a challenge to print in a cost-effective manner,” said Cook. “I was a little concerned using a new process on a logo that is so closely scrutinized but was very pleased when the product arrived with a correct imprint sporting a clean crisp look. I am very much looking forward to placing more orders using the BritePix™ business solution.” 

The britePix™ innovation has received tremendous enthusiasm from distributors across North America. “After having previewed the new britePix™ decoration technology, all I can think about is that once in a great while, revolution comes to our industry that returns the ‘fun’ to marketing products,” said Forrest Fairley, director of Channel Support Promotional Products at Safeguard. “This new britePix™ product revolution does just that and without inflationary added costs that most customers fear they would have to pay for such full-color treatment. Norwood & BIC Graphic has kicked off 2013 in a colorful way and we plan on taking full advantage by introducing this to our network of more than 250 North American distributors.”

One of the reasons the britePix™ concept is such a valuable business solution is the high quality imprint technology, ensuring perfect reproduction of well-known brand logos. The first order was placed for eBay® Motors for a Dealer Outreach promotion. The eBay® mark is one of the most well known brands in North America, if not around the world. Its type-set logo is iconic and brand integrity must be maintained in every reproduction. Companies like eBay entrust their brand assets to promotional products distributors, relying upon them to ensure that they will be properly represented on a variety of substrates. “Our logo and our brand is one our greatest assets. Printing it in color and making it look perfect on a variety of merchandise and clothing has long been tough,” said Clayton Stanfield, senior manager – dealer outreach, eBay® Motors. “Since I started working with Lisa, this process has become so easy and our logo always looks great, no matter what it is printed on.”

Applying decades of manufacturing and imprinting expertise, Norwood & BIC Graphic developed its britePix™ solution, a new proprietary process to apply sharp, clear, photographic quality imprints on more than 300 products. Many of these products were already a part of the Norwood range, made even better with a new larger imprint area. BritePixBeach_Faceboo#BDE1BBrand messages also can get personal — and it is more than just a name. Dates, addresses, individual photos, QR codes and more can be individualized on each product within an order. Fast, easy and affordable, these personalization capabilities can provide distributors with a real added-value benefit for customers. The britePix™ icon, a brightly colored Toucan, was
designed to embody the brilliant, full-color innovation. Look for the Toucan in the Norwood catalog, denoting that the product is available with britePix™ full-color imprints and personalization.

~Margit Fawbush

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