Knowing the hot trends in Drinkware will keep you selling this important category. Drinkware, like bags, have a long life with ongoing brand impressions and often speaks to the carrier’s own personality or affiliations. The more durable, stylish and practical the item is, the more visibility your brand will get!

Lidded Tumblers with Straws — Iced coffee anyone? Lidded Tumblers are all the rage. And they come in so many fun variations that you can offer your customers several unique options. From dual-walls to keep beverages cold to color-changing walls to show how cold your beverage is. Fruit infuser inserts can add a little flavor (pun intended) and striped or curly straws add a little fun.

Single-Serve To Go Coffee Cups — All those coffee makers and pods need a companion coffee cup, right? Capitalize on the pod trend and offer Single Serve To Go Cups – so cute, so useful.

Sport Bottles — You don’t have to be an athlete to carry around a sport bottle. Drinking water on-the-go is good for everyone! Make drinking all that water fun and easy with BPA-free plastic waterbottle. Drop proof, leak proof – these bottles are great for a variety of audiences and promotions. Think bright – bright colors on lids and bottles. Match your brand logo or just stand out from the rest with trendy, retail colors like orange, green and light blue.

Metal — Thanks to the modern trends coming from Europe, aluminum and brushed stainless are all over the place. Home décor, apparel accessories, electronics – why not Drinkware? Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material for water bottles and can come in many colors.

Skinny — Drinkware and runway models have lots in common – tall, slim and fashionable. Across all categories – coffee tumblers, lids and straws, or drink through spouts – they all come in tall and slender variations add interest and a little style.

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~Margit Fawbush

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