Typically, suppliers claim a product is “green” if it can either help you live green OR it is made of materials that do not harm the environment. Here are some examples of claims made in the industry:

1) Made of recycled, regrind or organic materials

2) Made of rapidly renewable resources such as Bamboo

3) The product itself is reusable therefore contributing to less waste

4) Can be recycled

5) Can help you conserve energy

6) Product will biodegrade or decompose in a reasonable time

7) Product does not use batteries (batteries are highly caustic and damaging to the environment when disposed of in a landfill) – these items are usually solar powered or hand crank

8) Carbon Neutral production – the product was manufactured through a process that did not emit greenhouse gases

9) Product promotes a "green" message – telling you how you can specifically help preserve the environment

10) Product is imprinted using vegetable-based inks which are non-toxic when disposed of in the environment

BIC Graphic offers over 110 items between our Norwood® goingreen™ and BIC® Ecolutions® collections. From writing instruments made from recycled material to elegant awards made of renewable Bamboo and everything in between…you can be sure we can substantiate our claims and provide you the documentation you require for your customers.

Visit norwood.com and bicgraphic.com to view our two eco-friendly collections or contact your BIC Graphic sales representative for great ideas.

~Margit Fawbush


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