Smooth, sleek designs, LED bulbs and extra functionality are all now standard requirements in flashlights. An added “twist” like the Twist Keylight (#21101) combines style and quality in a rubberized key light at a great price point.

21115_blue_bpThe Lantern Flashlight (#21115) operates as a standard torch, but the body slides out exposing a lantern light as well. A really interesting feature perfect for retail such as camping stores, sporting goods and boating supplies.

The Plastic Sliding Flashlight (#21112) has 15 LED bulbs that are extremely bright, and with the magnet on the base, this product can be used anywhere. Perfect for a mechanic to snap under the hood while working or a bright desk lamp if stuck to any metal surface nearby.

With price being a significant in factor in such a competitive category, set your promotion apart with a flashlight that brings a little extra something to the party. Shine a light on your brand with an interesting flashlight.

Norwood by BIC Graphic offers a variety of flashlights at several price points  click here for the assortment.

~Margit Fawbush

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