BIC Graphic is expanding its range of clear bags to accommodate a variety of audiences and industries. BIC Graphic has grown the collection over the past 2 years due to continued growth in demand. As of July 1, the latest addition is the Clear Game 2-in-1 Wristlet, bringing the collection to six unique styles—some with a wide variety of popular trim colors to choose from.

Clear Bags by Norwood by BIC Graphic

Clear Bags by Norwood by BIC Graphic









Clear bags have grown in popularity as a variety of industries require them to address security concerns. The NFL began requiring certain styles and sizes of clear bags (with imprint size specifications) to improve safety and expedite fan entry into stadiums. Other sporting events, such as the PGA, have followed suit. Casinos, corrections facilities, specialized retailers and others are requiring their personnel to carry clear or transparent bags. Schools across the country are banning traditional cloth backpacks in favor of easily searchable clear bags to ensure no weapons or contraband enter school property.

Norwood by BIC Graphic now offers a comprehensive clear bag collection with styles available to suit most clear bag policies. Visit for product details.

~Margit Fawbush




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