Since BIC launched lighters in 1973, safety has been its #1 priority. 100% of BIC(R) lighters are made in our own factories with state of the art mass assembly equipment. BIC® lighters undergo more than 50 separate automatic quality checks during the manufacturing process, and 25% of operators’ time is spent on safety checks.

Take the BIC® J26 Maxi Lighter for example. It has the signature BIC® oval shape, designed by Marcel Bich and his engineers to perfectly fit the human hand at a time when pocket lighters were typically rounder, or more squared.LTR_Exploded

A. Lighter Hood – The BIC® J26 Maxi Lighter hood is made of steel. It shields the flame from wind, and the user from heat.

B. Spark Wheel Assembly

C. Safety Guard – The stainless-steel safety guard, added over the sparkwheel on all BIC® lighers, makes them child-resistant.

D. Flint – the flint supplies material for the sparks. Made of rock, mainly composed of chalcedony and quartz, it has a life cycle twice as long as the other brands’ flints, and does not easily wear down.

E. Body – The body is made of Delrin®, an engineering plastic which is stronger than steel, more maleable than aluminum, and more resistant to chemicals than gold or silver.

Every BIC® flint lighter always has a bright red thumb press, for good reason! It is to remind users that even if it’s an ultra-safe lighter, they are still using a product that makes fire.

The BIC® J26 pocket lighters are capable of 3,000 lights. All BIC(R) lighters meet or exceed international standards and regulatory requirements. Maybe THAT’S why they’ve sold over 30 billion to-date!

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~Margit Fawbush


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  1. Since these lighters are disposable, is Delrin recyclable at all? My local authority have said they can’t process it, but it feels strange putting 90% of the lighter in the landfill bin.

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