With a rich heritage in the promotional products industry, the KOOZIE® brand is recognized as a leader in promotional can coolers and cooler bags of all styles and sizes.

The KOOZIE® brand first started with the Radio Cap Corporation (RCC). RCC specialized in baseball caps. RCC registered a trademark for the name KOOZIE in 1980 and they first introduced the styrofoam can cooler that we know to this day in 1982. As the promotional product industry grew, so did the KOOZIE® brand adding more to their product line, including drinkware, more styles of can coolers, cooler bags, outdoor leisure items, travel accessories accessories and business accessories.

Norwood Promotional Products acquired RCC in 1991 and continued to grow the KOOZIE® line of products. In 2009, BIC Graphic purchased Norwood and its sub-brands. BIC Graphic dropped the “RCC” in favor of the streamlined KOOZIE® brand name and has since reinvigorated the brand, expanding the line to include even more styles of can coolers, cooler bags and totes as well as housewares.

KOOZIE® products are made with quality materials and water resistant construction, offering something suitable for each and every special event and budget.  Ideal for your next fundraiser, employee appreciation week, company picnic or way to show team spirit, KOOZIE® brand products will be used again and again, providing a lasting reminder of your message.

A rich heritage of quality you can count on.

Contact your BIC Graphic rep, or visit bicgraphic.com for the full KOOZIE® branded assortment of products.

~Margit Fawbush

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