The digital catalog and flyer replicas available in the 2018 iCatalog® Center make it easy to view, search and share information. Research products, find items to meet your clients’ needs, customize and discover what’s new by using iCatalogs. Read on to discover how you can make the most of the iCatalog® Center!


  • What You’ll Find in the iCatalog Center®
  • Personalization is Easy as 1-2-3
  • Sharing Online
  • Snip, Clip & Extract Pages

What You’ll Find in the iCatalog Center®

All the new BIC Graphic NA catalogs are now available virtually through the iCatalog® Center. In addition, you will find cycle promotion flyers and category-specific materials that can be easily customized in a variety of ways.

United States iCatalog® Center

Canada iCatalog® Center

Personalization is Easy as 1-2-3

iCatalogs can be personalized after you login at This personalized URL is a great tool for sharing information digitally. If this is your first visit to the iCatalog Center® you will be prompted to create a profile for your account.

  1. Select the iCatalog® of your choice and name it. We recommend using a naming configuration like [Company Name-Promo Products] because the name you choose will be added to the URL.
  2. The logo and contact information you used to set up your iCatalog® Center profile will be imported onto the iCatalog®, or you can set up a custom contact. You can resize and move your logo as you like.
  3. Hit save and your custom URL has been created! You can now share your personalized catalog anywhere online.

Sharing Online

You can use your personalized URL anywhere you want to share an iCatalog®, making it a valuable resource to show products and information to your customers. You can even customize flyer sizes to fit different media!

  • Include a link to your personalized digital catalog in your email signature
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter with one-click
  • Email a catalog, flyer or individual page with one-click
  • Include a link to a digital catalog or flyer in email newsletters
  • Easily snip images for use in digital presentations
The iCatalog® Center Toolbar

Snip, Clip & Extract Pages

If you’re looking to save or email a portion of a catalog page, the snipping tool is there to help.

  1. Begin by clicking on the scissor icon on the bottom right of the iCatalog® Center toolbar.
  2. A highlighted area will appear. You can change the size of the box by clicking and dragging one of the small black boxes around the edge.
  3. Once your desired region is selected, click ‘Clip’ at the top. From here you can add a caption, save the image to your computer or email your clip directly.
A Clipping from an iCatalog®

Printing and sending full pages is also simple with iCatalogs and flyers. This is a great way to share information about similar products or several products within one category.

  1. Click the Printer icon button on the iCatalog® Center toolbar.
  2. A pop-up will open that shows thumbnails of catalog/flyer pages. Select the page or pages you wish to extract.
  3. Click the ‘Print’ button in the bottom right of the pop-up window. Use your Print dialog box to save as a PDF or print the page(s).

Click here to learn more and explore everything that’s possible with the iCatalog® Center.

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