Awards and recognition programs are a key component of keeping employees motivated, happy and loyal for businesses and organizations. Awards also make great incentive items to close sales and entice buyers. The potential for repeat business and high average orders means this should be a big area of focus for promotional product distributors.

If you’re wondering how to become an Awards & Recognition pro you’ve come to the right place. Read on for everything you need to know about types of awards, materials, simple pricing and how Koozie Group can help you boost sales in this potentially lucrative product category.


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Award Subcategories

Bases – Proper award bases complete the look of the award and add to the perceived value. Choose a material that best complements your award with lighted options available.

Clocks – Engraved clock awards combine functionality with recognition in contemporary or classic styles to create timeless keepsakes.

Coasters – Personalized coaster sets are decorative and durable to help preserve furniture while adding customized elegance to the boardroom, executive office or any environment.

Paperweights – Recognition paperweights add a decorative element to desktops while showcasing a logo or message, making them a great option for corporate gifts.

Plaques – Plaques are ornamental tablets that are displayed by hanging on a wall or placing on a stand to commemorate a person or event. Plaques are most commonly made of wood, metal, glass or a combination of these materials.

Trophies & Medals – Traditionally awarded for a victory or success, medals and trophies come in a variety of styles, sizes imprint options and materials to easily differentiate between place winners.

Vases & Bowls – Made of glass or crystal, vases & bowls are an elegant and tasteful choice for corporate gifts, employee achievement or to show appreciation for successful partnerships.


Crystal awards have a higher lead content that makes the material softer and easier to work with than glass. For this reason, ornate and meticulously crafted awards are often crafted by artisans from crystal. The lead oxide in crystal diffracts light into a brilliant spectrum of colors when light travels through the award. Carvings, decoration and cuts add to this sparkling quality and distinguish the value of crystal over glass.

The main difference between crystal and glass is the lead content, with glass awards containing very little or no lead at all. Thus the product is lighter in weight and more affordable than crystal, but a glass award will not have the same dazzling sparkle.

Acrylic awards look similar to glass but feel more like hard plastic. The material is durable – virtually shatterproof – but lighter and easier to process than glass or crystal. Acrylic awards can be molded into sturdy shapes with unique features at a lower price point.

Imprint Terminology

Deep Etch – The surface of the award is sandblasted creating an imprint with a frosted look to bring forth an elegant design.

Deep Etch with Colorfill – A beautiful enhancement to standard deep etch, translucent or opaque color can be added to an etched area for additional impact.

Laser Engrave – A laser beam uses high heat to physically remove the surface of the material to exposed cavity that reveals an image noticeable to the eye and touch.

Screen Print – Commonly used on plaques, screen printing transfers your message onto the award’s surface using mesh and an impermeable blocking stencil.

britePix® – Makes a lasting impression with vivid full-color personalization on crystal, glass and acrylic awards with either an opaque or translucent technique.

Image 3 – 3D CAD software is used to create a true 3-dimensional image, like a sculpture, inside a crystal award resulting in a work of art that can be seen from all sides. Customers can supply a photo, drawing or actual piece for re-creation.

Lasered Leather – A low-powered laser beam is slowly moved across leather causing oxidation under the surface which creates high-contrast marks without disrupting the material.

Medallions – Custom-crafted, screen-printed and laser engraved medallions are available in a variety of brass or zinc styles to match coaster trim.


Reasons to Love JAFFA®:

Koozie Group continues to raise the bar with the JAFFA® brand, your complete source for awards and recognition for over 45 years. The JAFFA® awards collection has earned the vote for #1 supplier of awards and recognition products for 14 years in a row!

  1. JAFFA® ONE Simple Price Policy. JAFFA® award products have free set-up, free art, free personalization and free copy changes. There is free 24-hour service on over 65 products and britePix® capability on over 200 products. Not to mention, no master carton fees, no less than minimum charges, and up to 20 drop ship locations for free. It doesn’t get much simpler!
  2. Dedicated Service. Our dedicated customer service team is equipped with specialized knowledge on all details of the JAFFA® brand. We are ready to help with recommendations, proofs and personalization to make sure you get exactly what you want.
  3. Quality Products. From crystal, plaques and trophies to high-quality acrylics and one-of-a-kind art glass pieces, our extensive line offers a diverse range of elegant products with distinguished designs and unique decoration techniques at every price point.

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