Operations/ Shipping and Warehouse Supervisor  — Clearwater, FL

This week we celebrate the great work ethic of Chuck Coffiey, Operations/Shipping and Warehouse Supervisor. Chuck will do everything in his power to get the orders to the customers on time. When an issue arises he tirelessly works morning to night to keep pushing every option.

Chuck has have been with BIC Graphic NA for 19 years. He started as an assembler and moved on to work as a material handler, a mechanic in areas such as molding, extrusion and production, then a production supervisor and now a supervisor in supply chain/logistics.

Chuck’s daily functions are to manage the shipping, warehousing and catalogue department. His main areas of focus are to maintain company ship-on-time and customer satisfaction through the safe and timely flow of materials. He and his team work closely with customer service, manufacturing and our customers to meet – and if possible, exceed – their expectations.

His favorite part about working with BIC Graphic NA is having the opportunity to learn from, help develop and grow with extremely talented professionals. He feels it is a true pleasure working with so many people who dedicate their full efforts to make BIC Graphic NA a success. Without the positive guidance and support of our teams, friends and management staff, he believe he would never have achieved the successes that he has.

Outside of work Chuck likes spending time with his family – five children and seven and a half grandchildren. He also is an avid gardener, growing a variety of plants and vegetables. Chuck supports his community by cooking at food kitchens and by serving meals to the hungry in his community Church. But the thing he enjoys most both on and off the job is mentoring young adults, both professionally and towards having successful families.

Chuck spent 23 years in the U.S. Navy SEABEES, both on active duty and as a reservist. During this time he served five combat tours in Libya, Lebanon, Grenada and Iraq. He is a huge Philadelphian Eagles fan.

Thank you Chuck, for your daily dedication to keep our operations running at their best!

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  1. WOW, I didn’t know this was on the internet. I am Chuck’s mom and a very proud mom I am. He is also a very wonderful son.

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