Customer Relations Team Lead – Red Wing, MN

This week we’re recognizing Randi for taking responsibility for our outsourced bags and MPD mouse pads while also working closely with our production team to assist with orders.  Randi has helped create work instructions in these areas while also on the phone answering questions from associates consistently.

In her 13 years with BIC Graphic NA she started out in production for about 2 years, then moving on to work in Clarification for 7 years. From there Randi went on to customer relations as a Team Lead. In this role she assists supervisors with daily tasks and makes herself available to the associates on the floor along with all sites for questions and guidance.

Randi’s favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is helping on the BICtivities teams, which coordinate and sponsor activities for employees at each site. She is on the Wellness team helping with many events, and she particularly enjoyed supporting our health fairs over the years.

Golf products are Randi’s favorites in the BIC Graphic NA line. She likes all of our vendor based products following her previous work directly with some of them a few years back, which led to great relationships.

In her spare time Randi is dedicated to her family setting up short day trips to amusement parks or weekend camping  trips. She also enjoys being outside in the sunshine when possible, which is rare in MN!

Thank you, Randi, for consistently stepping up to help out anywhere you are needed!

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