Robin Piehl, Sales / Account Executive

This week we thank Robin for constantly having over-the-top customer service, being dedicated to make every call count and securing every calendar opportunity she touches. She is quick to jump on initiatives and support sales direction. She’s also a top Account Executive in several categories: queue calls taken, direct calls made and received, quote letters sent out and new programs and dollars secured.

In Robin’s 24 years with BIC Graphic NA she started as a Product Entry Planner, Custom Order Entry Clerk, and for the past 19 years a Sales / Account Executive. Her focus is on custom calendar print runs and Co-op Programs, where she works with our Field Account Managers, Inside Sales, and our distributors on repeat jobs, arranges for mock-ups and help sell new custom calendar jobs. She also answers queue calls, runs quotes on potential new custom calendar jobs and is always communicating with distributors on the status of each of their jobs.

Robin’s favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is the relationships she’s formed with her distributors. Spanning Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, she has formed bonds across the south. Her favorite item is our #6522 Adult Coloring Book Desk Pad Calendar, which she enjoys doodling in while on the phone. She is also a daily user of the #T537R5 BIC® Triumph® 537R pen.

In her spare time Robin spends a lot of time with her granddaughter, Kaylie. She also has a hobby farm with horses, ducks, geese, chickens, peacocks, and guineas; and her daughter raises and sells her silkie chickens across the U.S. (check them out at  Every spare minute possible is spent with one of her 4 children or babysitting her grand dogs at each of their homes. Robin also LOVES to bake and make desserts for people.  Her dream has always been to own a bakery of her own.

Thanks, Robin, from all of us here at BIC Graphic NA for these past 24 years of dedication to your distributors and sales team alike!

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