72% of Americans believe natural disasters are occurring more often than ever before. [1] As different regions of the U.S. are heading into hurricane, tornado and wildfire season, now is the time to encourage more people to be disaster-ready. Preparation can reduce fear and anxiety during times of crisis and emergencies to help keep people safe.

The first step toward being ready is building a disaster preparedness kit. Preparing supply kits that include basics like food and water, tools, first aid and safety items are helpful in the aftermath of a disaster. [2] According to FEMA, disasters disrupt hundreds of thousands of lives each year, and the agency recommends people be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least three days. [3]

Useful promotional items make great and practical additions to disaster supply kits. In fact, promotional product campaigns built around disaster prep can help clients like insurance companies, civic associations, non-profits and government agencies realize their goals.

Disaster prep kits may vary by geographic region and season, but these promo prepper items are a good place to get started:

#40330 – 16.9 oz. Twist Cap Bottled Water – It is recommended to buy commercially bottled water and store one gallon of water per person for 3 days to be disaster-ready.[4] This natural spring water comes in BPA free bottles with 4-color process imprint.

#41061 Laureate First Aid Bag – A 17 piece kit containing an assortment of first aid essentials in a convenient mini bag with attached clip. The Red Cross recommends keeping a first aid kit at home, in your car and knowing the location of first aid supplies at work. [5]

#21212 Extendable COB Flashlight Lantern – This compact and versatile flashlight has features that make it ideal for a supply kit. The powerful COB light has high and low strobe modes and a handle that extends to become a lantern. The magnetic base also allows for hands-free use.

#32143 5W Foldable Solar Charger – These solar panels use the power of the sun to charge your devices and fold up for easy storage. The USB port delivers 1A output to help you stay powered up and connected, even when electricity is unavailable.

40330 Bottled Water, 41061 First Aid Kit, 21212 COB Flashlight Lantern, 32143 Solar Charger

#50014 Adventures Highway Kit – It is a safe bet to have an emergency kit in the car, especially during an evacuation. This 5-piece kit has booster cables, a distress flag, safety cone, tire inflator/sealer and a flashlight to help handle emergency situations.

#45039 KOOZIE® King Kooler – A large capacity kooler can help keep water and food chilled for longer with the use of ice packs. This roomy kooler can roll into a compact package for easy storage but expands to have enough room to fit 36 cans plus ice.

#15524 Travel Blanket – A warm blanket is essential to provide comfort and protection against the elements. This cozy travel blanket has a removable carry strap for easy portability.

450014 Highway Kit, 45039 KOOZIE Kooler, 15524, Travel Blanket

#32163 Digital Display Aluminum Power Bank 4400 mAh – Having portable charging capability is useful when power outages are possible. This UL Certified power bank can charge two devices at once and has a digital LED battery light indicator to know how much power is left.

#21132 Leatherman® Juice® C2 – This well-equipped tool has a 420HC knife, can opener, corkscrew, wire cutters, pliers and screwdrivers to help you be prepared in many situations. The slim design has textured anodized aluminum handles to be lightweight and easy to use.

#21214 3 in 1 COB Emergency Tool – In case of an emergency, this magnetic tool provides extra security with a seat belt cutter, glass breaker and COB light.

32163 Power Bank, 21132 Leatherman Juice C2, 21214 COB Emergency Tool

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