BIC Graphic North America values customer feedback and we understand our business success relies on you, our distributors. We have heard your recent frustrations, are taking responsibility for our challenges and sincerely apologize for issues that have created strife for you and your clients. This message is part of our ongoing effort to be transparent about how we are working toward finding solutions and rebuilding trust.

In the last month we saw an uptick in business that was beyond our forecast, causing extended lead times and a temporary suspension of 24-hour service for select products. Ongoing increased order volume has slowed down our catch-up efforts and unfortunately these delays have lasted longer than anticipated.

So, what are we doing to fix current concerns and prevent this in the future?

  • Employees are working around the clock to fix the production delays as quickly as possible. We are operating 24/7 to catch up and get your orders shipped and should be back on schedule next week.
  • We started reorganizing our Customer Relations department in January to better serve you, our distributors. While the system isn’t perfect yet we have made progress and will continue to do so until we are providing world-class service on every order.
  • Our parent company, H.I.G. Capital, is investing in capital improvements that will improve our processes and help prevent further issues.

We appreciate your patience as we course correct, and look forward to continuing to provide innovative products and great service for our distributors. If you have additional concerns please contact your sales rep.

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