Kanchana Venkatesan, IT Integration Lead – Clearwater, FL

Kanchana joined BIC Graphic NA this year as an Integration Developer and quickly moved into the role of an Integration Lead. Any given day she might be seen driving her team to achieve sprint goals, leading collaborations to plan and implement agile process methodologies, helping her team troubleshoot IT helpdesk issues, providing technical design and architect solutions and much more. She loves interacting with people and feels BIC Graphic NA has provided her with a platform to partner with a varied group of people. This has helped her form not just professional but personal relationships in just a short time.

Kanchana’s favorite product is the #32121 Office Mini Spinner for its ability to help relieve stress and improve concentration while problem solving. She loves to get in touch with her creative side, which includes photography, interior design, salsa dancing and cooking. She also loves running , yoga , basketball and of course watching Netflix.

Fun fact: Kanchana has known how to ride a motor bike since the age of 11. She says she learned it without her dad’s knowledge (of course) and went on to get her license at the age of 16. Her favorite ride so far has been her dad’s BMW Boxer R1200 series.

Her life goal: She loves to travel and work with children, so eventually would like to travel to developing countries to help teach and educate local kids.

Her motto: Life is too short for ifs and buts. Make the most of every moment and if it ain’t fun it ain’t worth it! (even if it’s an argument with your boss!)

Thank you, Kanchana, for making such a major impact with our IT development in such a short time!

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