Compliance Specialist – Clearwater, FL

This BIC Graphic NA Hero is being recognized for being an integral part of the Legal Department and managing our entire product safety program.  Thank you, Anita, for being such a valuable BIC Graphic NA team member!

Anita first joined BIC Graphic NA as a paralegal focusing on product safety in 2012. In January 2018, she became the Compliance Specialist providing various levels of compliance customer service to many aspects of the business.

In her current role she works closely with the customer relations, marketing, quality and supply chain teams. Her responsibilities include providing compliance documentation to customers and sales, creating test requests, re-tests to specified standards, and ensuring products are labeled correctly per testing and Prop 65 requirements. When new products launch, Anita makes sure items have proper registration, have completed testing and are labeled correctly for safe use.

Anita enjoys working with various teams across the organization and learning about the many roles within BIC Graphic NA. She works with teams in Florida, Minnesota and Asia and appreciates the opportunity to learn from so many people that are experts in their position.

Through this detailed work, Anita provides extensive information on every SKU in the BIC Graphic NA catalog so distributors can choose which items they want to include in their offering. Anita says each day’s task is to conquer every new mission, so there is never a dull moment in the compliance arena!

Her favorite product is the #15814 COCOON™ Recess 15” Backpack with GRID IT® because every girl needs another bag and this one helps keep her organized too.

15814 COCOON™ Recess 15” Backpack with GRID IT®
#15814 COCOON™ Recess 15” Backpack with GRID IT®

Thank you Anita, for your dedication to Superior Compliance!


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