Chris Feuerbach, Treasury Analyst – Clearwater, FL

Today we are honoring Chris Feuerbach for his dedication to teamwork and contributions regarding ongoing business initiatives. In his short time with BIC Graphic NA, Chris has already delivered cost savings and support on several multi-departmental projects.

Since joining BIC Graphic NA in October 2017, Chris has worked as an analyst in the Treasury department. He is responsible for maintaining the company’s cash forecast and lender reporting requirements under our credit agreements. He has also been involved with numerous projects and implementations including the corporate credit card, travel and car rental programs. Chris’ efforts have been integral in setting up BIG Graphic NA as a standalone organization.

The way BIC Graphic NA cares about its employees is Chris’ favorite part of his job. He is excited to see what the future holds for the company under private equity ownership.

Chris enjoys living in Florida because he loves the beach and golfing. He also likes to paddleboard and spend time with his dog.

Fun Fact! Chris lived in England for two years and during that time he took a golf trip to Scotland. On that trip he took the same picture on the bridge at St. Andrews that BIC Graphic CEO, David Klatt, took with his father (as shared with the team during the March Town Hall).

Chris always has a tumbler at work, and his favorite product is the #46113 Glacial Diamonds Tumbler because of the unique design.

Thank you, Chris, for your commitment to deliver results and support the business where needed!

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