Crystal Oravis, Legal – Clearwater, FL

Today we are honoring Crystal for becoming an integral part of our Legal Team, tackling each task with an eagerness to learn about the impact of a legal department in the promotional products industry.

Crystal started at BIC Graphic NA in May of 2018 as a summer intern. At the end of the summer she was asked to stay on in the legal department part-time as her school schedule permitted. She now works a few days per week and has signed on with BIC Graphic NA for a staff attorney position upon completion of her law degree at Stetson.

On a typical work day, Crystal is continuously updating legal file software to ensure all company contracts are tracked in the system. She also assists in researching the wide array of legal elements that go into what we do at BIC Graphic NA. She also has a role in the KOOZIE® brand protection efforts and new product development, surrounding copyright, trademark and patent law.

Crystal’s favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is the atmosphere. She finds her colleagues to be open and friendly as she navigates new areas of her position. She says everyone has made her feel welcome by “showing her the ropes” anywhere she has needed help. Her favorite product is the KOOZIE® Hartwell Vacuum Tumbler because (according to Crystal) “her body requires an unhealthy amount of coffee each day.”

About 90% of Crystal’s time is spent between BIC Graphic NA and on campus at Stetson. She goes to the beach or pool any chance she gets and also volunteers at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve working with the raptors in the aviary. She helps take care of birds of prey (owls, hawks, eagles, vultures) and takes the birds for walks. Her favorite is named Tuesday, an Eastern Screech Owl, who goes on a walk with Crystal every Friday.

Crystal is from Northern Wisconsin but moved to Florida for school because she hates the snow. She loves animals and reading, which is made clear when you learn her Shih Tzu’s name is Padfoot Patronus (from Harry Potter). She also has two six year old cats named Megatron and Optimus after Transformers.

Thank you, Crystal, for your valuable contributions to our Legal Department!

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