Senior Product Manager – Clearwater

Today we recognize Debbie for her instrumental role in pivoting the product assortment to meet the demands of the industry and needs of our customers over the last year and a half. Debbie joined the Koozie Group team as a product manager 3 years ago. Since then, she has moved into the Senior Product Manager role, overseeing the drinkware, housewares and health categories while remaining a driving force for the entire product management team.

On the day-to-day, Debbie’s primary responsibilities are developing and reviewing new products focusing largely on Koozie Group and IMAGEN Brands’ proprietary brands like Koozie®, Viking® and Chelsea Teddy Bear™. She also manages the overall product portfolio including pricing, forecasting, and developing first-to market concepts and works closely with the manufacturing team to improve imprint processes. Her favorite part of the job? The challenge of bringing products to market quickly and having the opportunity to work with so many great people who want the business to succeed.

When asked about which people power Debbie is most passionate about, she couldn’t name just one, but she did give a great example of the One Team people power in action:

“When the pandemic hit, none of us knew about masks or what made one mask better or different than another. I studied the marketplace, took classes, and worked with experts so we were developing the right masks. Then, I worked with the operations team to get the right materials, structure, etc. so it could be imprinted on. It was really a ONE TEAM approach!”

Debbie’s favorite product that she uses every day is the Koozie® britePix® Can Kooler #45448. She even had some created special for her sister’s 50th birthday party! Additionally, she gets excited to see products she’s developed appear on the 4imprint commercials like the Comfy Face Mask #41164.

In her spare time, Debbie enjoys volunteering for various events and is an avid Words with Friends player. She and her husband also try to visit a new MLB field every year. So far, they’ve been to 18 and are looking forward to traveling to Texas this year to add more to the list. Another fun fact? Debbie had the opportunity to combine both passions. While promoting the Chicago Duck Race, a charity event she organized, she was given the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game…dressed as a duck! It was a memorable experience especially since she got to meet Mark Grace.

Thank you, Debbie, for your dedication to managing a vast product portfolio and commitment to supporting the team!

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