Manufacturing – Sourced Writing Instruments – Clearwater, FL

Today we recognize Sherrod Crawford and Kelvin Caraig for their roles as printers in our Sourced Writing Instruments Department.

As printers, Sherrod and Kelvin operate flex machines that include over 150 programs for printing 250 different styles of pens. Every day, Kelvin and Sherrod set up their printers and run each order they receive – sometimes even running up to 20 different styles of pens in a day!

During Sherrod’s 11 years with Koozie Group, he has been involved with pad printing, special pack, the emblem room, molding, and flex writing instruments. Sherrod’s favorite part about working at Koozie Group is that every day brings something new. The people power he is most passionate about is “Speak with Truth & Kindness; Act with Integrity” because he values honesty and open communication.

In his spare time, Sherrod enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball, and watching sports.

Kelvin, who started out as a temporary employee, has been with Koozie Group for about nine years now, beginning as an assembler, then becoming a printer for multi-color and flex writing instruments. What motivates Kelvin is his drive to be better every shift and inspire his coworkers. Like Sherrod, Kelvin’s favorite people power is “Speak with Truth & Kindness; Act with Integrity.”

Outside of work, Kelvin enjoys exercising at the gym and working on his car.

As for their favorite product, Kelvin and Sherrod both, of course, chose pens, with Kelvin specifically mentioning the BIC® Grip Roller Pen.

Jonaleah Carrow-Sherman, Value Stream Leader, Sourced Writing Instruments, said, “Kelvin and Sherrod’s positive attitudes and willingness to help others are very infectious. It’s also worth noting that they worked with their Value Stream Leader to drive change in the Sourced Writing Instrument Department. Additionally, they have worked on programming and testing metal pen flexibility and were able to create a new process that would help increase capacity.”

Thank you, Sherrod and Kelvin, for producing high-quality writing instruments for customers every day and for going above and beyond to improve various processes!

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