Each November, countries all around the globe take part in celebrating World Kindness Day. Formed in 1998, the purpose of this annual day of observance is “to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us.”

Participating is easy, too, and anyone can join in! Whether it’s offering a compliment, giving someone a hug, or helping with chores or tasks, no gesture is too small.

Of course, being kind isn’t exclusive to one day, but rather something that should be practiced the whole year round! One simple way to do this is by writing a kind note for someone. They’ll appreciate not only the note itself, but the fact that you took the time to hand write your feelings of gratitude, encouragement, or love. It’ll brighten their day and serve as a continual reminder of just how much they are appreciated.

For this simple act of affection, we recommend pairing the #IMGSTY Souvenir® Image Stylus Pen with the #P3A3A25 Souvenir® Sticky Note™ 3” x 3” Pad, 25 sheet. This metallic writing instrument features a comfortable grip and 1.2mm black ink for bold lines that will really stand out. The high-quality, FSC®-certified adhesive notepad, meanwhile, is perfect for those short and sweet messages that can have a big impact. You can even stick the notes in a variety of different places, too, including some unexpected spots that would make for a pleasant surprise!

After delivering your notes of appreciation, why not keep the kindness going by checking out www.kooziegroup.com for even more great ideas to help show how much you care!

Fun Fact: The word “kindness” comes from the Old English word “kyndnes,” which itself is derived from the Middle English word “kindenes,” meaning “courtesy.” (2)

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