You’ve landed a great order with a customer, but after you submit it to Koozie Group, you get an email saying there are pending clarifications. These lingering questions are necessary to ensure we complete your order accurately, so the order must go on hold until you provide answers. This may cause delays and can be a frustrating part of the process. That’s why we’ve enhanced our Koozie Group Tracker with the addition of a streamlined clarification process that gets your order on its way to production.

The Koozie Group Tracker is your one-stop location for finding all the details related to your orders. At your fingertips, you can view real-time order status, in addition to accessing order details. Most recently we added the ability to view and approve proofs online.

Now, the clarification enhancement presents all your clarifications in one place and narrows down the way you can answer the clarifying question(s) to reduce misunderstanding and the need for you to interpret our questions. Additionally, all clarification answers are saved so you can view them later.

You’ll still get an email letting you know that there are pending clarifications for your order. When that arrives, either use the link in the email or log in to your account to bypass clicking the link to answer the clarifications.

What you’ll see on the Koozie Group Tracker when you have a clarification to answer.

Four Types of Clarifications

There are four types of clarifications that you might see. In all cases, you will not be able to hit Submit until you have answered the question.

  • Radio Button

The clarification lets you know your options, and you are allowed to choose only one.

  • Checkbox

The clarification lets you know your options, and you are allowed to choose one or more.

  • File Upload

Depending on the question, you may be required to upload a file or, if the clarification could be answered with a message, the file upload will be optional.

  • Freeform

This clarification requires you to type in your answer.

What Happens Next

Once you’ve submitted your answers, our Clarifications Team will review them. While this is happening, the status on the Tracker will turn to light green and read: Clarification Updates Pending. If there are no other holds on your order, it will move into production once the team updates it with your answers.

Benefits of Answering Clarifications via the Koozie Group Tracker

It can be hard to get into new routines, and we promise you that answering clarifications in the Koozie Group Tracker vs. answering them via email will be worth it! Why?

Options are clear: The Tracker spells out your options in a more intuitive way.

See everything in one spot: Since its inception, the Koozie Group Tracker has always been your one-stop location for finding all the details related to your orders. This enhancement adds to that feature by allowing you to easily see:

  • alerts when action is needed.
  • all clarifications (and other holds) that are pending on your order.
  • when your clarifications are in review.
  • when your order has been updated and moved to production.
  • the answers you provided to clarification questions.

Fewer back-and-forth conversations: This enhancement removes the need for our Customer Care Krew to interpret your answers. With clear direction, we won’t have to ask you to clarify your initial answers. We had already started to pick up the phone after two clarifications, and this addition to the Tracker should streamline this process even more.

Quicker turnaround times: With this enhancement, we have eliminated a step in our order-entry process. Add those time savings to those generated by the other process improvements, and you’ll likely see that your orders are getting to production faster when you use the Koozie Group Tracker to answer clarification questions.

Not convinced? Give the clarifications section of the Koozie Group Tracker a try and reap the benefits. And be on the lookout for more improvements to this feature and additional enhancements to the Tracker as we strive to provide you with the best customer service in the promotional products industry.

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