INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (September 1, 2009) – Norwood Promotional Products announced today that they have added the social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, to their marketing mix as a way of providing distributors with meaningful, helpful information and insights.  A multi-disciplinary team of social networkers has been formed, drawing from Sales, Product Development/Merchandising, eBusiness and Marketing.  The strategy behind the multi-disciplined team is simple, to offer a well-rounded perspective and provide thought-provoking and helpful information that is relevant to distributors, useful for their business, and underscore Norwood’s commitment to innovative services.  “By matching our content to our distributors’ concerns, we want to create a positive Norwood experience beyond the transactional process,” said Jim Simone, Senior Vice President of Marketing.  “Educational and distributor-focused messages, along with promotions and specials will be posted.”  Research has shown that an interest in social networking and media is growing among distributors.  “The demographics of both Facebook and Twitter are well suited to the industry – both appealing to working adults,” according to Margit Fawbush, Marketing Manager.  “We can’t ignore the opportunity to engage with customers in a more organic way, sharing information and developing a dialog.”  Log in to Facebook to view the Norwood Promotional Products fan page or follow NorwoodPromo on Twitter.

~Margit Fawbush

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  1. Tines are changing, but some things never change, like honesty and integry. Connection with a supplier that you can trust is the first step to long term profitability.

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