Last week we discussed maximizing your budget by sorting your recipient list into Tiers based on some criteria such as sales volume, length of relationship, or a combination of factors.  This week, we'll go into a few ways to make the gifts memorable and sure to be treasured.

Personalization is always a good idea.  What better way to say "especially for you" than by putting someone's name on the gift. 

Start a collection.  Select an item from a collection such as barware, glassware, desk items, etc.  This allows you to give something from the collection each year – making for a nice set after 2-3 years.  These items can also often be etched or engraved with an elegant message.  This is often a good alternative for tier 2 or 3 since it allows you to stretch your budget further.

Give them something to take home.  Who wouldn't want a nice wine opener or cheese board that they can use for entertaining at home?  Customers will appreciate the personal touch and be reminded of your generosity at every happy family occasion.

Check out our fabulous selection of Gift Items in our 2009 Gift Collection iCatalog or search for even more ideas.  Contact your local Norwood rep or customer service for details and ordering assistance.

~Margit Fawbush

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