Pedometers are fascinating little items, in my opinion.  Clip one on to your belt for the day and see how many steps you take.  Aren't you curious?

Everyone knows the benefits of exercise:  weight loss, increased stamina, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, better self image and mood, increased muscle tone, lower stress (we need that this time of year!), higher energy level (need that too!), and the list goes on.  Many studies have proved that wearing a pedometer on a daily basis causes you to walk more than those who do not wear pedometers – up to 20% more! 

It makes a unique promotional gift for many industries – health care, fitness, insurance, non-profit organizations, resorts, higher education, weight loss, health foods, trade shows and more.  People appreciate premiums that show you care and that they can get a lot of use from.  Share them with your customers as a little "out of the box" idea that will take their brand a long way – literally!

Norwood will be offering several new pedometer styles at several price points in 2010.  Look for them in our catalogs or online January 1. 

~Margit Fawbush

One thought on “The Pedometer – a unique promotional item that has legs

  1. What other kind of product when first used is looked at multiple times per day in amazement? Pedometers are an item that we sell to many different industries other than the healthcare field. We’ve sold the majority of ours to manufacturers, schools and other large organizations as a part of a healthy incentive. Looking forward to the 2010 styles!

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