Its that time of year here at Norwood - we are prepping for the 2010 Industry Trade Shows…booking hotels, developing merchandising plans, refreshing booth designs, and of course, preparing the items we want distributors to walk away with.  What's our criteria?  Its all about what we want people to remember a day, week, even month, after the show.  We put a lot of thought into it, developing a mix of new product giveaways (shameless self-promotion) and items we know people appreciate and use. 

Depending on your objective (and your budget) you can choose to give away one very memorable item, or a number of smaller items.  Are you launching a product/service or reminding people of your existence?  Do you want your giveaway to reflect your brand, a specific product, or perhaps a show promotion?  Are you hoping for a phone call, increasing awareness or driving traffic to a web site?  Do you want long-term usage or short-term impact? 

The answers to these questions will help you craft just the right giveaway recommendation for your customers.  Let us help you put some ideas together!  Contact your Norwood representative or visit for our full product selection.

~Margit Fawbush

One thought on “Thinking about trade show giveaways?

  1. With the major industry trade shows just a few weeks away, it’s always a time when we’re looking for ideas for our customers. What better time to find trade show ideas than at our very own trade shows!
    We always try and create a customized needs analysis with our clients when approaching a trade show promotion. Expanding on the parameters you’ve mention, we also find a lot of value in the answer to the question “What percentage, in your opinion, of the attendees are your ideal client?” That answer always gives us a feel for whether the client should aim to give a large volume of items to most visitors, or whether to invite guests into their booth to qualify them as prospects.

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