25AnnivLogo_CS_HorizontalBIC Graphic is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the introduction of the BIC® Clic Stic® in 2012 with a year long calendar of promotions and eventssurrounding the iconic pen. The January trade shows will serve as the kick-off to the year long Anniversary celebration. Distributors are invited to visit the BIC Graphic exhibit to see a special BIC Clic Stic display and learn more about the aggressive promotions offered on the whole Clic Stic family of writing instruments.

As a “thank you” to our customers for helping to make the Clic Stic one of the most well-known promotional pens in world, Cycle 1 Promotions offer each of the popular Clic Stic products at over 20% off. BIC Graphic is also offering Special Introductory Pricing on the new BIC Mini Clic Stic(#CSM). Click here to view C1 offers.

CS_CircleThe BIC Clic Stic was introduced by BIC Graphic in 1987 and continues to be the most popular retractable pen in the promotional products industry. In 2010 alone, over 100 million units were sold in the United States. In 2012, BIC Graphic will offer the BIC Clic Stic with over 22 different barrel and trim color options which can be mixed and matched to create over 400 color combinations.


CS_Anniversary_ShotThe BIC Clic Stic pen is manufactured, assembled and imprinted in house, offering maximized imprint areas for messaging impact. The pen’s clip is designed to withstand 15 pounds of forcewithout breaking – another reliable imprint area.Known for its smooth and precise writing, the BIC® ballpoint features a 2-year shelf life, and Writes First Time, Every Time!® All BIC branded retractable pens are click-tested 10,000 times for highquality performance and are backed by BIC’s Product Performance Policy.

~Margit Fawbush

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