Write On! with Koozie Group

With over 100 years of experience in the promotional products writing instrument game, it’s safe to say we know the business. Our roots span back to 1908 when A.C. Stewart founded the Souvenir Lead Pencil Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. By the 1940s, it would grow into a multimillion-dollar international business specializing in promotional imprinting … Continue reading Write On! with Koozie Group

A Lot to Learn: Taking a Look at the Education Industry

While much has changed in education over time, one constant is the need for a high-quality writing instrument like the #PMRCM BIC® Clic-Matic®. The world of education is constantly changing thanks to new technologies, new modes of instruction, and new ways of thinking about how to help students. Of course, in these rapidly evolving times, … Continue reading A Lot to Learn: Taking a Look at the Education Industry

What’s in Your Journal?

We may live in a digital age, but planners and journals can be a great resource in your business toolbox. In fact, keeping a daily business journal helps you stay organized, self-disciplined, and productive. (1) The Modern Planner Today’s promotional planners and journals have come a long way in terms of style and function. That’s … Continue reading What’s in Your Journal?


Straight to the Point: Happy National Ballpoint Pen Day!

If writing is your thing, then June 10th's unique holiday is for you - it's National Ballpoint Pen Day! And in our opinion, this humble invention deserves a special day because ballpoints have completely changed the way people experience ink. While using a "ball point" in writing instruments has been around since the late 19th … Continue reading Straight to the Point: Happy National Ballpoint Pen Day!

Souvenir® Success Story: Healthcare

A Speech-Language Pathology Center was looking to expand their services and grow their influence in the community. Knowing the power of promotional products, they turned to Souvenir® writing instruments to help expand their brand. Assessments & Learning In-depth assessments of speech, language and/or feeding skills are the essential first step to effective speech-language pathology. These … Continue reading Souvenir® Success Story: Healthcare

Souvenir® Writing Instruments: It’s Your Story™

Here is your sneak peek at the upcoming revival of the Souvenir® brand, beginning with a 14 pen collection launching October 1, 2018! Be sure to check back over the next month for an ongoing countdown of these exciting new writing instruments.   Fresh patterns, bright colors and chrome accents make the #55940 Souvenir® Motive … Continue reading Souvenir® Writing Instruments: It’s Your Story™