Spring is in the air and I'm thinking about GOLF!

Golf balls continue to evolve in technology, but is the traditional white color sacred?  Several ball manufacturers have launched yellow balls this year and even a few pros have been spotted using a yellow ball on the tournament circuit, but are they really making a comeback?

Some players seek higher visibility balls, needing help seeing a white ball in a cloudy sky or during off-season play when fading grass may not contrast as well.  Yellow balls are great for beginners who play along with more experienced golfers – helping to find and identify balls quicker and keep up the pace.  

A few ball manufacturers have developed an optic yellow ball that claims to reflect natural light more powerfully than traditional white golf balls. Color does not impact the golf ball’s performance but can be an important factor in some golfers’ selection process.

Both Titleist and Srixon are offering a yellow ball and Srixon claims there is some science behind it that suggests that the colored ball may actually help you play better.  According to a recent press release issued by Srixon:

"By tapping into the psychology of hitting each shot and the visualization and calming effect at address…Yellow golf balls incorporate the science of visual perception with the psychology of color effect on the human brain."

"Science has proven that yellow is the most visible color in the visual spectrum and psychology has correlated green with calming and stress relief; therefore Srixon has combined the two colors based on these findings to tap into the player's mind and expand the benefits of playing a better ball."

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~Margit Fawbush


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  1. It’s been shown that different colors have different effects on mood and attitude. I can see how yellow golf balls might help you feel more positive if you find that color calming. If it helps me hit 20 yards farther then I’ll be the first to tee one up.

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