Gel ink pens are one of the hottest trend in the promotional pens. Why?  Because gel pens offer the best of both ballpoint and rollerballs in one.

The ink of gel pens has a higher viscosity than that of typical ballpoint pens. With thick, opaque ink, the stroke of these pens easily appear when used on darker or slicker paper surfaces.  Ever try to write on a coated business card?  Frustrating isn't it.

Because the ink is more evenly distributed on paper with every stroke, the lines and appearance are more distinct than that of many other pen types. These qualities make gel pens highly desirable for both illustration and common writing tasks.

Norwood & BIC Graphic both offer gel pens in their writing instruments collections.  

Check out the Cyprus Gel (55408) from Norwood – great trim colors with a popular white barrel.  

Or, take a look at the BIC Intensity Clic Gel (ICLGEL) available in solid white, solid black and a variety of pretty translucent colors with a comfy coordinating grip.

Gel pens are hot – keep them in mind when your customers ask for something a little different for their next pen giveaway.  

~Margit Fawbush


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