Norwood & BIC Graphic North America is pleased to announce that Cycle 2 promotional flyers have mailed to our customers and will be in effect May 1!  While we have a lot to offer, we are committed to keeping our promotions easy and profitable.  Key highlights:


  • Featuring 15 items with “A” discount codes and over 20 products with pricing lower than EQP – all perfect for Summer promotions
  • Swing into savings with our wide assortment of Golf products – including the best offering of kits in the industry including custom kit development for any price point and any event
  • Keep those beverages cool – Remember, if it isn’t from Norwood, it isn’t RCC KOOZIE®
  • Outdoor activities require on-the-go hydration – with our wide variety of Sports Bottles, there is something for everyone
  • Select Writing Instruments are offered on “A” discount codes – more profit in your pocket
  • And don’t forget, FREE set ups on all Bags on C2 promotion (including Atchison® bags)

Click here to view the Norwood C2 Flyer online

BIC Graphic:

  • We are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the iconic BIC® Clic Stic® all year with great pricing and exciting new product expansions including:
    • The BIC ® Mini Clic Stic®
    • BIC® Clic Stic® ColorMax™ – mix and match the plunger/clip, barrel AND section to create eye-popping color combinations
    • The BIC® Clic Stic® Summer Colors Collection featuring organic, soft colors inspired by nature
    • The BIC® Clic Stic® Fashion Colors Collection featuring hot ink and trim colors that match
  • One of our most popular adhesive pads, the 3” x 3”  is on sale for over 60% off opening quantity price.
  • Most BIC Graphic Writing Instruments, Magnets and Lighters are offered on an “A” discount code as well

Click here to view the BIC Graphic C2 Flyer online

Norwood & BIC Graphic will continue to honor Cycle 2 promotional prices on exact repeat orders through December 31, 2012!  Please reference the C2 promo code from your original order on repeat orders throughout the year so we can ensure your receive the correct pricing.

~Margit Fawbush



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