In this next post, I will cover the importance of providing artwork that best shows off a logo or brand message.  You don't want a fuzzy logo do you?

It all depends on the type of file your or your customer provides.  These days, we use a lot of jpgs to share photos and graphics online.  Unfortunately, those handy little files are no where near the proper resolution for a printed message to have clean lines and definition.  Avoid jpgs, pngs and gif formats.  Suppliers generally prefer "native" files – those that are saved directly from the program in which they were created.  So…pdfs, tiffs, eps, psd, cdr, bmp…all perfectly good options.  You can even provide ai files (Adobe Illustrator) or id files (InDesign).  These types of files are high enough resolution AND we can go in and correct or manipulate if necessary to ensure the best possible result.

See the difference?

Please feel free to contact your sales rep or customer service for any questions related to artwork. Getting the right file upfront ensures quicker order processing and delivery.

~Margit Fawbush


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