Featuring 299 new products for 2014!

BIC Graphic is pleased to announce the celebration of its 45 years of operation in the USA. To honor this milestone, the legal entities of Norwood and BIC Graphic have merged, and the company will do business as BIC Graphic going forward. It has also refreshed the BIC Graphic logo with an updated, more colorful design, reflective of its commitment to the future of its britePix® full color innovation.

The 2014 catalogs offer a colorful design, user-friendly organization, and easy-to-follow icons denoting features such as made in the USA, britePix® availability and new products. The 2014 catalog line up includes:
– BIC Graphic—BIC® branded writing instruments and sticky notes, featuring the launch of the BIC® Super Clip with a huge imprint area perfect for the full color britePix® innovation.
– Norwood by BIC Graphic—the broadest hard goods assortment in the industry, featuring iconic brands such as RCC KOOZIE®, Atchison®, Sheaffer® and well-known retail brands, such as Titleist®, Nike® and Cool Gear®.
– JAFFA® by BIC Graphic—the elegant, high-quality collection of awards and recognition pieces.
– Triumph® by BIC Graphic—the industry’s leading calendar collection, featuring Nuvo™, innovative, dimensional calendars designed for fun and impact.
– Good Value Calendars® by BIC Graphic—high quality, value-priced calendars with a long history of success in the industry.
– New Products—a catalog featuring all 299 new products from all BIC Graphic brands; an easy way to just see what’s new!

New for our Canadian customers, a combined BIC Graphic and Norwood catalog has been developed and is available in both French and English. In addition, all Cycle Flyers are being translated into French as well—to ensure our Canadian distributors have what they need to sell.

Over 100 new products are being added to the britePix® collection in 2014 bringing the total to 410 items available with full, photographic color quality and personalization. Called a “game-changer” by distributors, this new concept brings brand messages to life.

Norwood’s Good Value® line continues to grow as well—now over 360 products. The collections offers some of the best pricing in the industry on a broad range of items, including many reliable best sellers.

Visit norwood.com and bicgraphic.com for details.

~Margit Fawbush

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