LAUNCHING 168 NEW PRODUCTS AND FEATURING 4 BEST SELLERS AT NEW LOW PRICES! BIC Graphic is pleased to announce the expansion of its Norwood Good Value® collection to 366 value-priced top sellers by launching an additional 168 new products for the 2014 selling year. The Norwood Good Value® line provides cost-effective selling solutions with value added attributes and competitive prices designed to fit any budget — “You won’t find a better balance of value and price.”

The Norwood Good Value® line launched in 2013 and has exceeded expectations. The top best selling items include proven favorites such as the Dart Pen, Pocket First Aid Kit and the SPF-23 Lip Balm.

In line with its competitive positioning, the Good Value® line has lowered prices on 4 other popular favorites, the #45009 Captain’s Chair, #45140 Budget Mug, #45624 Grocery Tote and #65073 Anodized Carabiner.

Norwood Good Value® is introducing value-priced magnets, available in 6 best selling shapes and sizes and free set ups, making them some of the best priced magnets in the industry.

To help distributors identify the Good Value® items in the Norwood by BIC Graphic catalog, each item now has a highlighted bar next to the product name and details clearly indicating the Good Value® brand. Visit for more details and the full assortment of Norwood Good Value® products.

~Margit Fawbush