BIC Graphic is pleased to announce NUVO by Triumph® Calendars, the most cutting edge, interactive calendars in the  promotional products industry. 

1515_15closed_ad_NSWhile calendars are tried and true promotional products, there is a whole new generation of end-users accustomed to using computers and smart phones to keep track of dates and appointments. The NUVO by Triumph® Calendars collection is designed to attract younger users and  people who haven’t habitually used paper calendars in the past. 

The NUVO by Triumph® Calendars collection was developed with interesting shapes, dimensions and interactivity—a fun new approach to dated products. In addition to dimensional construction, many of the new calendar styles have special inks and coatings offering scratch off games, glow in the dark images, special textures such as chalkboard, and eye-popping imagery.

5802_15combined_adLook for the NUVO logo next to these hot new items in the Triumph® Calendars catalog or click here for the collection on

~Margit Fawbush




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